Security Agency D.I.SEVEN FACILITY

The D.I.SEVEN FACILITY security agency has been employed in security and cleaning services since 2008. We provide security and cleaning services to our clients in all regions of the Czech republic.

We are owners of a quality management system certificate, according to the standard CSN EN ISO 9001:2009, and an environmental management system certificate, according to the standard CSN EN ISO 14001:2005.

In addition to this we also provide comprehensive cleaning services, and services such as Facility and Property Management. Another part of our security agency's portfolio consists of organization services, and security of various sporting and cultural events (e.g. KVIFF, Moto GP Brno, and Rock for People).

VIDEO: Facility management 

Professional security, cleaning, and organizing services

We provide typical services of a security agency on a professional level - especially physical security of persons and property, remote security of property through the Alarm receiving centre ARC, reception, and other specific security services.

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