Facility management

Complete services for maintenance of buildings and property

Within Facility Management, D.I.SEVEN FACILITY deals with complex services related to the management of buildings and property, aimed at providing the client with maximum comfort in our wide range of services, with a professional approach based on mutual trust. Our company always thinks about the requirements and needs of our clients. We provide full service in connection with technical management of buildings and property, aimed at optimizing investment costs of repairs, energy consumption, management and maintenance of technologies, etc. We are prepared to represent a client to a third party, prepare passportization of facilities and technological equipment, conduct project documentation, process operational documentation, manage and eliminate guarantee defects, regularly inform the client about the state of the property or provided services, provide services related to fire protection, and safety and health protection at work, optimize operational costs, and provide environmentally friendly waste disposal.

Security service

Through our parent company D.I.SEVEN a.s. we provide remote monitoring - central security desk, physical security guards, and cleaning services. We support an individual approach with emphasis on fast and flexible solutions. Read more about security services here >>.

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